19 Mar 2017

Tapping into data analytics, a crucial catalyst for travel agents   

In an industry that calls for constant innovation, the message to travel providers is clear: adapt to the heightening challenges, competitive pressures and new technologies of tomorrow’s travel market, or get left behind. A 2016 report from Boeing forecasted global passenger traffic to climb at an annual rate of 4.8% between 2016 and 2036. In order to keep up with this pace of growth and pull ahead of their competitors, travel agencies need clarity on how their performance can be continually improved.

Traveller expectations are also rapidly changing, driven by an evolution in consumer behaviour. This evolution is largely down to developments in technology. Travellers now often expect to be able to book and manage travel on the go with a flexible and personalised experience. Travel managers therefore need to adapt their offering to accommodate this behavioural shift.

Data analytics is a crucial catalyst in this evolution of the travel industry; the ability to transform data into actionable insights that allow travel agencies to craft market-relevant strategies in response to trends and pursue new business opportunities is essential for any agency that wishes to thrive. Integrating data analytics into everyday operations will help managers be better prepared to adapt to the changing environment.

One of the biggest difficulties agencies face today is getting the right information at the right time – and then acting upon it. In response to this, Amadeus Travel Intelligence is offering Productivity Tracker as part of the Agency Insight product suite. The solution equips travel agencies with a full-view of their performance so they can take corrective actions with regards to a broad spectrum of business areas and drive their growth forward.

Traditionally, agencies have had to manually track their performance on a monthly basis. Not only was this time-consuming, it meant that issues were often detected too late for agencies to respond with the right strategic choices. With Productivity Tracker, agencies can immediately harness relevant data and make astute decisions based on current and accurate information. The solution also frees up valuable time for agents: now, they can focus on advancing their business, spend more time developing skills, and ultimately best serve the traveller.

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