14 Mar 2017

Weathernews: Making flights safer at Buddha Air

How taking service from Weather news, a global weather-based company based in Japan, has helped keep flights safe at Buddha Air

Airline industry is a very responsive industry. Decisions have to be made quicker in the airline industry than other line of work, and a lot of risks are involved while taking such decisions. Not only that, these decisions are affected by factors that are out of hand. Weather is one of those factors and because of the variation of weather, airlines have to move forward either by cancelling the flight, waiting for changes in the weather or taking the flight. And to evaluate these alternatives, a lot of weather-related information is required. Buddha Air has taken service from a Japanese company Weathernews for the same, and it is a kind service which is only taken by Buddha Air in Nepal.

Weathernews Inc. has a strong history. Since its establishment in 1986, the company has been dedicated in providing weather data that’s adapted to the needs of customer and has taken about 60% of the market in the airline industry and the shipping industry (and covers 42 other markets). It’s not just that, the company has been improving their technology and service by co-ordinating with meteorologists and researchers at University of Oklahoma. So, it can be said that the service is reliable and accurate in providing risk communication service across the globe.

“The company was making a lot of noise in the global market. We thought of looking into it and finally, we decided to take the service from Weathernews in January, 2016,” says Subarna Kharel, Sr. Executive Manager at Buddha Air, adding, “We have been discussing the service for the last three to four years already.” It does not mean that Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) and Meteorological department do not provide the weather forecast, but their data is mostly periodical, meaning that airline companies get updates on certain timeframe only. “The updates on Weathernews are based on real-time,” says Kharel, “It’s even more accurate and this can be vital.”

The basic service Buddha Air has taken provides them with information such as wind level, icing condition, altitude condition, temperature, lightning situation and other weather information, all satellite based with only a lag of few seconds.

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Source : | Nepal Republic Media Pvt. Ltd

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