14 Mar 2017

Amadeus Ventures’ investment in FLYR will help travellers lock the price of flight tickets

It’s one of the most anxiety inducing aspects of planning travel; finding a great flight ticket price, hesitating to purchase it, then returning only to find that the fare has skyrocketed. But imagine if you could block the ticket price and buy yourself more time to organise your trip.

This is precisely the type of innovative idea Amadeus Ventures, our travel venture fund, seeks to nurture. Our investment in FLYR, the innovative travel technology start-up based in San Francisco, has helped it bring this idea to life with FareKeep. This flagship product enables the display of a “hold” button on an Online Travel Agency (OTA), metasearch or airline site, which gives travellers the ability to block the price of a flight ticket for a small fee.

For three decades, leading innovation in the travel industry has been key to our success. Amadeus Ventures is carrying on this tradition by working closely with the start-up ecosystem to grasp new opportunities, trends, and business models. Our investment in FLYR is a perfect example of this commitment to innovation and diversification to ensure future prosperity. In FLYR, we see great potential to drive strategic value with its exceptional team who have brilliant minds and excellent business ideas.

Why have we chosen to invest in new ventures and startups in the travel industry? Business potential and financial viability are certainly important factors. But we also put emphasis on fostering close commercial relationships with the companies we invest in. In each case, we identify collaboration opportunities that are mutually beneficial for Amadeus and the travel tech start-up. FLYR’s FareKeep product embodies this mantra as it supports our strategic vision to deliver next generation technology that improves the travel experience of business and leisure travellers.

FLYR has a crystallised business idea backed up by a talented team with a combination of business and technology knowledge. They also have great ideas which are scalable and sustainable with a solid revenue model and a path to profitability. Most of all, the direction of FLYR aligns with Amadeus’ overall strategy.

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