05 Mar 2017

Servair brings a complementary technology offering: gategroup

Having acquired operational control of Air France KLM’s catering subsidiary Servair in December, Zurich-based inflight catering and retail giant gategroup sees Servair’s information technology proficiencies as being entirely complementary to the extensive set of IT tools gategroup has developed in-house for its own and its customers’ use.

Describing the gategroup-Servair combination as providing “the best of both worlds” in terms of how their respective passenger-service planning and fulfillment IT products mesh, gategroup chief technology officer Simon de Montfort Walker tells Runway Girl Network: “It’s really a good fit – there is no overlap” in IT offerings.

The combination of the two firms – which creates the world’s largest inflight catering group, boasting a presence in 50 countries and more than 300 airline customers – provides “a two-way street” of different IT tools developed by each company, he adds.

Gategroup’s core catering platform “had focused on real-time orders down into the work unit,” whereas Servair “had mobile [applications] on the food-traceability side. They’d been working on things we hadn’t got to yet, and vice versa,” says de Montfort Walker. Additionally, Servair has “got great teams and we’ve started integrating the teams. They have a lovely toolset at the Charles de Gaulle hub,” offering extensive catering hand-off capabilities for individual flights – “not something we had got”.

According to de Montfort Walker, Servair won’t initially bring any technology products to gategroup’s eGate Solutions business unit, which offers airlines IT and software products to manage their inflight catering and retail processes. “Servair had a slightly smaller scale on the commercial technology offerings side but Servair’s team will become an integral part of our efforts to build retail, pre-order and inflight solutions,” he says.

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Source : Runway Girl Network | Kirby Media Group

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