05 Mar 2017

New Membership: Pro Australia and New Zealand

At RocketRoute we have created a flight planning service which has garnered 120,000 registered users in less than seven years, and it is coming to Australia and New Zealand.

Our app is most renowned in Europe but RocketRoute users fly everywhere on Earth. Our ubiquity is down to cutting edge programming which is ultra-responsive to feedback from pilots. This is a service by pilots, for pilots.

Our user-friendly app which you can download into your tablet provides:-

  • Electronic Flight Plan filing
  • A Comprehensive Flight Briefing Pack
  • Access to 24 x 7 Support

With over a million autoroutes already programmed, we offer a thorough, rigorous and ultra-reliable service. We aim to be the premier flight planning service in Australia and New Zealand.

We are gaining a license to fully integrate and upload Australia and New Zealand’s AIP. We are also inputting unidirectional airways information for both countries.

Add to this:

  • Australian AIRNAV Data + Airspace
  • Australian SID/STAR data
  • NZ SID/STAR data
  • MORA for Australia and NZ
  • Topo Charts for NZ (Openstreetmaps 500k) + New Topo (250K/50K)
  • Topo Chart for Australia (Openstreetmaps 500k)
  • Airport data (IFR/VFR, coordinates, CIV/MIL, HP, AOE etc.)
  • NZ airspace data
  • Australian airspace data
  • NZ Plates/charts download
  • DCT route segments
  • Implement PACOTS routes
  • Implement AUSOTS routes

As always, no flight is too short or too long. Whether you are taking a prop into the Nullarbor, a helicopter up The Remarkables or a 777 to the other side of the planet, our app will instantly outline the most fuel-efficient route in reassuring detail.

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Source : RocketRoute Ltd.

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