18 Feb 2017

Aviator from Jeppesen Integrates EFB Apps in Single Framework

Jeppesen, a Boeing Company, today introduces Jeppesen Aviator - a new pilot resource suite that unites essential electronic flight bag (EFB) resources into an all-in-one app for mobile iOS and Windows devices. Aviator is a Jeppesen and Boeing collaboration that integrates typically independent EFB features into a single point of access that reduces pilot time spent with data entry and accessing individual apps. It also shares data between EFB functions to streamline workflows, reduce pilot head-down time, eliminate human errors and enhance operational efficiency.

“Jeppesen Aviator is the result of a joint development process by Jeppesen and Boeing to understand customer needs related to EFB functionality provided in a single, unified flight deck resource,” said Tim Huegel, director, Jeppesen Flight Deck Solutions. “We look forward to introducing Aviator with our airline customers worldwide to highlight the advantages of a fully integrated pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight resource and continue to refine this dynamic solution for the next generation of EFB interaction.”

Aviator combines multiple Jeppesen and Boeing EFB functions in a single framework for airline and military pilots, including:
· Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro: the global standard for interactive airline and military enroute and terminal charting, digital navigation and other EFB functions.
· Jeppesen Content Viewer: displays essential electronic document browser material from the airline or operator directly in Aviator, instead of through its own module.
· Electronic Flight Folder: provides transmission of key day-of flight data, including weather and flight plan information.
· Onboard Performance Tool: allows flight crews to calculate takeoff, landing and weight & balance functions, based on current weather and runway conditions.
· Software Development Kit (SDK): allows for integration of Aviator with approved applications to expand an airline’s EFB suite across fleet and operations.

Aviator features multiple sources of information redundancy, to ensure operational continuity and reduce the risk of grounded aircraft.

Source : Jeppesen, a Boeing Company

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