18 Feb 2017

Internet ONAIR: personalizing the passenger experience

Did you know that an impressive 69% of passengers actively use their personal devices when they fly?

Airlines are continuing to explore how they can improve their offer to passengers by personalizing the internet experience. What’s more, they recognize that interacting through passengers’ own devices could be the key.

We’ve spoken to Marianne Lespes, SITAONAIR’S Product Manager for Internet ONAIR, to discuss how SITAONAIR’s solution, developed with airlines, can help achieve the best level of passenger engagement.
What is Internet ONAIR?

Internet ONAIR provides seamless internet access to airline passengers by creating a personalized, interactive and enjoyable experience throughout their journey. Passengers can connect quickly and easily as they would with a standard public hotspot. Internet ONAIR has a fully customizable, interactive interface, so it can reflect your airline’s branding, and tailor the online experience for passengers.Internet ONAIR offers not only an attractive portal but a full service to enable the airline to offer the best passenger experience. Some of the key features SITAONAIR offer are:

  • Dedicated customer care around the clock
  • Detailed reporting and consulting to optimize the airline’s connectivity service
  • The ability to set black and white lists of domains
  • On-board security through secured HTTPS and end-point level of security
  • Bandwidth prioritization to manage network resources
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by offering a public Internet service in your aircraft, easily accessible from all passenger devices
  • The ability to offer complimentary Wi-Fi access for a portion of the flight to build the passenger relationship.

“We want Internet ONAIR to be part of the global airline strategy for personalizing the passenger experience, wherever that passenger is sitting, and building passenger loyalty with airlines,” says Marianne.

Customer integrations are a great way for airlines to personalize the journey of any passenger demographic with which an airline wants to build engagement. The key to unlocking this potential is, of course, accessing each passenger’s individual identity.

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