18 Feb 2017

Honeywell joins Clean Sky initiative

Earlier last week, Honeywell joined the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking, the largest European research program developing innovative technologies aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions and noise levels produced by aircraft.

By joining the Undertaking, Honeywell received 35 million euros in funding to back the development of aerospace technologies in support of the initiative. According to a company statement, “the funding will further strengthen Honeywell’s commitment to its European engineering centers, particularly in the Czech Republic, France and the United Kingdom.”

Through its membership, the avionics manufacturer aims to develop priority technologies from cockpit solutions to health monitoring, in addition to advancing its electromechanical actuators, which help improve aircraft performance and encourage lower operating costs.

“We are committed to enhancing Honeywell technology to make a positive impact on the environment, while providing added value to help our customers drive their businesses forward, […] and help shape greener aviation across Europe,” commented Honeywell Aerospace Advanced Technology Engineering Director George Papageorgiou.

“Ensuring the continued advancement of environmental sustainability and the competitiveness of the European aviation industry would not be possible without the strong support of key European aerospace innovation players, including leading industry suppliers such as Honeywell, research establishments, universities and small to medium-size enterprises,” added Cleak Sky 2 Program Manager Ron van Manen.

Other manufactureres, such as Airbus, Dassault and Leonardo Aircraft, are involved in the development of new technologies as part of the Clean Sky 2 program as well.

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