21 Jan 2017

A breeze through Montréal

Your airport’s going through major change?

Yes, our annual growth rate over the past 10 years has been 4.1%, with international growing the fastest – up 6.7% last year.  

Since 2000, we have invested US$ 2.5 billion in a major modernization and expansion program to meet this growth, and last May we inaugurated an extension of the international jetty that added six new gates.  

The main innovation of this new section has been the architecture, with an open-plan area integrating a Montréal identity program. This features artistic and cultural elements, including a striking veil of glass ceiling installation.

There are also large murals created by local artists, showcases dedicated to Montréal’s main museums, and a children’s play space.

How is IT enhancing the passenger experience?

We know that more than 98% of new passengers carry a smartphone. The new millennium generation is connected all the time – which changes both their expectations and behaviour.

We have to meet our customers’ evolving needs. We want to give them choices and options so that they feel they’re in control of their journey.

Montreal airport jetty inside

That’s why we’ve embedded technology everywhere in the new area, and we are using it to enhance customer experience.

We’re offering free Wi-Fi, as well as about 1,000 chairs equipped with charging stations and USB ports.

After having introduce a responsive design website in 2014, we launched an official airport app last spring called YULi. It aims to facilitate direction, offer promotions and create the best experience possible within the vicinity of the airport. 

How are you achieving that?

We’ve made sure you can use our app with one hand, while accessing over 90% of its functionality within two clicks.

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