08 Jan 2017

New Partnership Seeks to Offer Everything a Connected Aircraft Needs

Avionica, GigSky and Ultramain have teamed up seeking to help aircraft operators improve their ability to track, report and extract data about aircraft technological malfunctions. Under a partnership announced in December, aircraft mobile data services provider GigSky and Electronic Logbook (ELB) software provider Ultramain are now jointly marketing their products and services. 

The December partnership announcement followed another announcement earlier in the year, a partnership between Avionica and GigSky. Going forward, the three companies see the partnership as bringing together services, capabilities and products that need each other to work in harmony. 

Ultramain Electronic Logbook 2.0 screen. Photo: Ultramain Systems.

Separately, all three U.S.-based companies specialize in providing hardware, software and data communications services that add an individual piece to the connected aircraft concept of operations. Avionica is a manufacturer of flight data and communications management hardware such as its mini Quick Access Recorder (QAR) and SatLink Iridium satellite data unit.

While Ultramain has been supplying Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) support products to the aviation industry for more than 30 years, one of its most notable contributions has been the replacement of aircraft paper flight logs with with its mobile ELB software, which provides a touchscreen interface that speeds communication between cockpit crews and ground maintenance teams. Prior to the use of ELB software, every technical glitch or problem on an aircraft was handled manually, by writing it down in a paper log that was then circulated to the correct aircraft maintenance technician once the aircraft landed. The use of ELB software has helped to automate that process.

GigSky has a global 3G/LTE network that provides mobile data communications services in more than 190 countries and territories, including Cuba.

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