17 Sep 2017

FlySafair Announces Extended Partnership with Radixx International

FlySafair, a South African Low Cost Carrier founded by Safair, today announced that they have signed a seven-year contract extension with Radixx International for their Passenger Services System (PSS). Radixx is a world leading provider of custom-tailored airline reservation, distribution and merchandising systems.

Since its initial flight in October 2014, FlySafair has received many accolades. Recently ranked the world’s most on-time airline for 2017 by OAG, FlySafair achieved an annual on time performance (OTP) rating of 95.94%. FlySafair is one of three airlines to receive a five-star rating in the first year of OAG’s star rating system.

At the Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) annual awards ceremony, FlySafair received a Best Low Cost Carrier award for every airport it operates. The awards judge customer experience at each airport on an individual basis. FlySafair set a new record for the awards series by winning at every one of its airports.

In just over two years, FlySafair has impacted the industry by sticking to its mission of uniting people with who and what they love, and by providing low-fare, hassle-free, on-time travel experiences. FlySafair currently services the South African cities of Cape Town, Durban, East London, George, Johannesburg, and Port Elizabeth.

The Radixx PSS has been instrumental in sustaining this rapid growth and success, as FlySafair strongly values its real-time data analytics and business intelligence, which allow FlySafair to adapt on the fly and better prepare for the future. Radixx’ PSS is unique in its customizability, helping the carrier easily manage tasks such as:
Proactively providing customer service
Creating dynamic pricing options and personalized offerings, as well as data-reliant routines and processes based on evolving needs
Measuring website features and specific web journey changes (mostly linked to SSRs) to better track the adoption rate and user experience
Analyzing user experience elements and OTPs across various routes and airports

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