24 Jun 2017

Elite Airways Enhances Flight Operations and Planning with Decision Support Solutions from The Weather Company, an IBM Business

The Weather Company, an IBM Business announced today that it will be expanding its relationship with Elite Airways, a U.S. Part 121 Air Carrier providing charter and scheduled service throughout North and South America. Elite Airways is expanding upon its current use of The Weather Company's WSI Fusion global tracking and dispatch services by adding a suite of aviation products that are designed to provide the airline with the critical flight planning information it needs to make the most informed decisions for its crew and passengers.

The Weather Company solutions can provide Elite Airways with weather data and decision support tools and analytical insights to help dispatchers and pilots navigate around hazardous weather. In addition to using WSI Fusion, the global tracking and dispatch service, the suite of products powering Elite Airways’ critical-decision making will now include:

Fusion Flight Planning, powered by PPS: the industry’s most advanced, proactive flight monitoring application, fusing public and proprietary weather information with real-time flight and airspace data into one common situational view

Enroute Hazards: precise and actionable advisories, and guidance, and can enable you to optimize routing, reduce fuel contingencies and improve safety

Pilotbrief Optima: high quality, actionable and industry-standard aviation weather graphics and briefings
Digital Flight Release: paperless weather, briefings and notifications (like NOTAMs, METARs, TAFs, PIREPs) designed to help streamline the process of distributing flight information

“As our fleet continues to grow, The Weather Company will continue to be an essential partner in our flight operations planning,” said John Pearsall, president & director of operations for Elite Airways. “Building upon the foundation set by the WSI Fusion global track and dispatch services, we will now be able to better serve our Pilots and Dispatchers with additional robust and reliable flight planning tools that will help increase confidence and operational efficiency.”

“Decisions made in the pre-flight planning process, along with those executed in the heat of contingencies, often determine an airline’s ability to remain competitive and economically viable.

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