27 May 2017

Customer Spotlight: 3 Ways Swiss WorldCargo is Driving Innovation Through Agility

The emergence and rapid rise of e-commerce has brought with it a surge in demand for big data and logistics. In October 2016, the freight tonne (FTK) terms for air cargo traffic grew by 8.2%. This was the highest increase recorded since February 2015, when the closure of West Coast US seaports gave the industry a boost.

The Rise of Cross-Border Retail

Recent research by DHL predicts that cross-border retail volumes will increase at an annual rate of 25% between 2015 and 2020. In the report, DHL, which calls the cross-border retail business “the 21st century spice trade”, adds that “Online retailers are also boosting sales by 10–15% on average simply by extending their offering to international customers and offering a premium service.”

Meanwhile, the advent of e-commerce has empowered the digital consumer, who is now able to look at products online, and compare prices. With just a single swipe, many customers can order anything they want from any part of the world without worrying about quality, flexibility, or delivery time. It’s expected that by 2020, the number of smartphone users will top 6 billion.

It’s becoming increasingly necessary for air cargo carriers to offer both personal and business customers the flexibility that comes with a multi-platform service. By making these shifts, carriers not only successfully rise to the challenge of digital disruption, but they can also be positioned for growth in a market where being agile, fast, and customer focused is the hallmark of a winning business.

If agility accelerates growth, innovation is the driving force in realizing it. Swiss WorldCargo is thinking ahead and doing just that with its new rollout, which includes a new organizational structure, a push into digitization, and greater emphasis on transparency.

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