27 May 2017

ATP’s Breakthrough Aircraft Centricity™ Service Consolidates Applicable Maintenance-Related Info

Aircraft Technical Publishers — the trusted partner of aviation manufacturers, operators and maintenance providers — today announced the Aircraft Centricity™ Service at the EBACE2017 in Geneva. A breakthrough approach in business aviation to managing maintenance-related content, Aircraft Centricity™ consolidates and streamlines the display of available information for an aircraft with a single tail number search. By providing rapid and convenient access to the most comprehensive set of airworthiness and reference content for a specific aircraft, ATP’s new product innovation helps MROs and maintenance professionals access information with unprecedented speed while ensuring high levels of safety and compliance through accurate determination of document effectivity.

Aircraft Centricity™ — a new set of features within the industry leading ATP Aviation Hub™ cloud solution — interconnects data from manufacturers, regulatory agencies, and other third parties to ensure maintenance providers have streamlined access to the most current information for the maintenance they are about to perform. With a single tail number search, Aircraft Centricity™ from ATP gathers and organizes maintenance-related documentation and maintenance information applicable to a specific aircraft, which can include: manufacturer service manuals and parts catalogs, service bulletins, airworthiness directives and regulatory information, due lists, maintenance and compliance tracking history and forecasting.

ATP’s innovative Aircraft Centricity™ approach is a powerful extension to the ATP Aviation Hub solution, an integrated suite of “smart content” services that optimizes information management among maintenance providers, owner/operators, and manufacturers. The Aircraft Centricity™ service leverages the company’s expertise and large repository of proprietary data, deep relationships with leading aviation manufacturers and professionals, and the company’s sophisticated software. ATP’s industry-leading software enables maintenance professionals to seamlessly manage their end-to-end maintenance processes: maintenance planning; reactive troubleshooting; reliability analytics; document control; maintenance tracking and more.

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Source : CaseBank Technologies Inc., a Division of ATP

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