27 May 2017

FlightStats Announces Self-service Historical Flight Status Data

FlightStats is excited to announce a new way to access our Historical Flight Status data in the form of a self-service data export tool.

We realized that for some of our customers, purchasing an API is above and beyond what they need to do. Now, in addition to our Historical Flight Status API, we are offering the option for customers to download a file of historical flight status data using our self-service Historical Flight Status Data Export. This tool will put historical data right at our customer’s fingertips.

We are one of only a few data providers that can offer detailed, accurate historical flight status data and now we are the only one with a self-service data export capability. It has never been this easy to access historical flight information, and you don’t have to be a software developer to do it. Whether you’re a data analyst or a graduate student, anyone can access our historical data in a few simple steps.

Work with the most comprehensive historical data set

Our historical dataset is continuously updated as flights age out of the real-time data set, generally seven days after completion of the flight. The data stored represents the final updated status that we have for a given flight record. Today, our self-service Historical Flight Status Data Export tool includes flights back to 2006.

Historical data is important because it drives business intelligence and analytics. Innovative use of historical data can reveal valuable insights crucial for developing an effective strategy, driving better decision making and producing compelling research.

Historical Flight Status Data Exports will answer questions such as:

  • Was my flight on time?
  • How long was the delay?
  • Was it canceled?
  • What were my departure or arrival gate and terminal?
  • What type of plane was used on this flight?

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