15 Apr 2017

PRESS RELEASE: 15below becomes strategic partner for IATA Fast Travel

15below are pleased to join the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as a strategic partner for Fast Travel - part of the Passenger Experience Management Group.

IATA’s Fast Travel program aims to standardise the growing number of self-service options available to passengers. According to a recent industry survey, over 50% of passengers prefer self-service options to speed up their journey.  By creating uniform standards and recommended practices, IATA estimates that Fast Travel could generate annual savings of over $2bn for the aviation industry as well as a better travel experience for all customers.

Fast Travel focuses on self-service initiatives in the areas of baggage, check-in, re-booking and self-boarding.  

“For us, this is a perfect fit”, says Nicholas Key, CEO of 15below.  “As notification and workflow providers for over 40 airlines – including Fast Travel Platinum Status carriers SWISS, Qantas and Hawaiian – we have a wealth of experience in creating technological solutions, which simplify the journey for the passenger and can also monetise it for the airline. Our recent implementation of Home Printed Bag Tags and Automated Check-In for SWISS are two recent examples.”

IATA’s Fast Travel is part of the Passenger Experience Management Group, which also includes Passenger Facilitation and Common Use programs.  The group looks at passenger journeys from ticket purchase through to arrival at ticket destination and aims to reduce unnecessary operational costs within the airline industry.

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