18 Feb 2017

ForeFlight Feature Focus: Web Enhancements - Fuel Prices, FBO Directory, File & Brief

ForeFlight on the web includes helpful features that enable fast flight planning from your desktop browser.

Click the layer selector in the top-left of the Maps page to access charts, weather overlays, and map settings. The map settings menu includes the same options for customizing the Aeronautical Maps as the mobile app, as well as an option for switching between the Light and Dark map themes.

In addition to charts and weather overlays, you can also overlay fuel markers with prices for 100 low-lead and Jet A. The markers are color-coded green, orange, and red to indicate how the lowest price at each airport compares to other prices in the area.

Just like on mobile, you can access the ForeFlight FBO Directory. Click on any overlay marker or airport to open the FBO list for that airport, and click on an FBO to see more details about it. FBO listings include a detailed description of services, amenities and fuel cards, as well as contact information. Click on the hyperlinked address to view the location on Google Maps..

Select any of the METAR-based overlays to reveal a helpful web-only feature: you can quickly preview each METAR by moving your cursor over the markers, allowing fast comparisons between nearby airports. Click on a marker to see the decoded weather information and METARs for nearby airports, and to access other pages in the airport popup.

Finally, don’t forget that ForeFlight on the web provides full access to your aircraft profiles, including ICAO filing information, as well as the ability to create climb, cruise, and descent models to improve route performance calculations for that aircraft. You can also file flight plans and receive weather briefings on the web, and like the mobile app, the maps page allows you to send a fully constructed route straight to File & Brief so you don’t have to build it from scratch.

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