Online Travel 3.0 — 2017

  • 2017-10-24 to 2017-10-25
  • Moscow, Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre
Online Travel 3.0 is the conference that has rapidly gained international recognition as the key networking platform for e-travel community.
Attended by 200+ delegates, the 2015 event was designed to reflect the latest travel market trends and to meet the most valued industry expectations and demands.
Extended networking, communication and exhibiting opportunities allowed all participants to expand their business contacts and discuss new partnerships.
The total volume of tourism market in Russia will reach $53 bln. 18% of this amount goes to online travel segment. The conference agenda will include analysis of the 2015 results as well as short-term forecasts.
New ideas and technology updates appear almost every day that make online travel the most progressive industry sector.
The Russian tourism legislation is yet to be improved as well as online payments which still face fraud risks.
Special attention at the conference will be dedicated to the evolution of the sales and marketing of airline product. From the "all-inclusive air fare" concept many airlines moved on to a different business-model: air fare covers the transportation service only, whereas all accompanying services are sold separately. As a reaction to the low-cost model legacy carriers introduced service packages at a lower price than separate services offered by low-cost carriers. How are these packages formed and sold? How is it possible to leave the depersonalized meta-search offers behind and move on to customized offers for specific client audiences?
These and many other issues will be the business of the day at 2016 Online Travel 3.0 plenary sessions, panel discussions and informal networking.
Audience: International and Russian market experts, OTA CEOs and experts, meta search systems, social travel planning and online hotel booking companies, travel start-ups, social media, online insurance and car rental companies, travel industry leaders and IT providers that will add exceptional value to communication and networking at the conference. 

Vendor / Organized by : ATO Events

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